About me

Budget airlines and promo fares, cheap hotels and backpacker hostels, and do-it-yourself tours while racing against time, that is the life of a small-time jetsetter. I travel not to find myself, but to create myself, little pieces at a time, with memories of adventures and stories of people I have met, until I make a masterpiece of how I see the world.

From one of my favorite travel movies

I’m a wanderer of the fleeting reality of life, a traveler of the wondrous world of dreams. I’m a restless soul, in an endless quest for answers to the unknown. I love traveling, writing, food, dogs, archery, swords, and fiction that excites my imagination.

– William Shakespeare

I am MG, and here’s a short story of my life:

At Maria Cristina Falls, when I was a university student
With my dog, Hachi
My dog again
My swords
An attempt at archery
My alter ego

And the rest are my adventures.